Corporate Event KLCC – Ventuz – OptiTUIO – OptiREMOTE

Recently we had the opportunity to bring interactivity to Malaysia’s great city Kuala Lumpur. Together with our friends and partners from Orange Events in Malaysia and AIMS Productions in Singapore we realized a huge corporate event with about 1000 guests. A screen with a size of more then 60 m was projected with 3 x 30 k High End projectors. Our job was to make this screen interactive and to control the graphics of the show. For the interactivity we used OptiTUIO to interact with some graphical effects. For the show-control we used the first time our new software OptiREMOTE  to control the Ventuz Runtime via the Remoting.

OptiTUIO is a laser touch controller and calibration software solution, which transforms any flat surface into a multi touch screen. This powerful software and/or device gives you the ability to change any flat surface into a multi touch screen.  You can use it instead of a touch frame. We sell the laser touch controller software separately and we also sell a bundle including a laser device.

OptiREMOTE is a Ventuz control software to control and configure any Ventuz scene and project data. Our intention was to have a back-end Ventuz control software to avoid the development of a control application with Ventuz. OptiREMOTE reads out any scene and project data and let you easily configure and control this data. Any properties you bind to the scene or project data in the Ventuz scene is accessible via OptiREMOTE. Our tool is localized in many languages and we also have many Plugins to extend the functionality and design of the user interface.

Everybody played very well for this corporate event and it was a great pleasure to work together with all of this experts. Again thank you very much to had this great show together with AIMS Productions from Singapore and Orange Events from Kuala Lumpur.

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