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In the past years we installed and developed many interactive solutions for very different areas. With our pre-configured turnkey solutions it just needs a few clicks and settings to integrate it into your network. Our interactive solutions cover a wide area of use cases. Starting from small but powerful touch applications, interactive product presentations, interactive projections, data visualizations, interactive showroom design and a huge variety of applications in the broadcast area like camera tracking, on-air graphics and operation and control systems.

 Interactive Solutions:

Interactive Product Presentations

interactive 3d presentations - interactive solutions

You want to call attention to your customers on your next exhibition? Interactive 3D presentations are a futuristic way to let customers explore your product. A multi touch table which shows all your products in 3D or other interactive solutions will transform your next presentation into a unforgettable experience for yourself and your customers.

Virtual Studio | Interactive Studio

interactive solutions - virtual studio

You are a broadcaster and want a new Interactive Virtual studio or you are a semi professional with your private YouTube channel? We have very scale able solutions from mid end to high end.

Camera Tracking

camera tracking - interactive solution

Huge events needs sometimes huge and professional technologies. We have solutions for professional broadcast studios, News studios or TV Game shows. Our camera tracking solutions are same or more flexible then other competitors like Vizrt. We can ralize amazing live shows with a excellent mixture of real pictures and virtual motion graphics.

Data Visualization

data visualization - interactive solutions

Data structures getting bigger and it is easy to loose the overview. Our interactive solutions transforms complex data into easy understanding images, animations and motion graphics. With our real-time system the graphic or animation will change immediately, whenever a value changes.

Interactive Showroom Design

interactive showroom design

Showrooms getting more and more attractive since the prices of huge video walls getting cheaper. With our technologies and interactive solutions we are a experienced partner to design your showroom.

Interactive Exhibits


The time where paper flyers are handed out is over. Entertain your customer with amazing new applications. Let the customer explore your products, interactive, by himself.

Live Events

live events interactive solutions

A Live Opening Ceremony with a mixture of reality and live pictures or your annual shareholder meeting a bit special. Please get a feeling what’s possible today to surprise your audience.

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