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OptiREMOTE is a Ventuz control software to control and configure any Ventuz scene and project data. Our intention was to have a back-end Ventuz control software to avoid the development of a control application with Ventuz. OptiREMOTE reads out any scene and project data and let you easily configure and control this data. Any properties you bind to the scene or project data in the Ventuz scene is accessible via OptiREMOTE. Our tool is localized in many languages and we also have many Plugins to extend the functionality and design of the user interface.

Ventuz has been designed to be able to encapsulate almost all internal business logic inside a scene or scene tree. Nevertheless, it is sometimes necessary to have parts or the entire business logic swapped to another application running on the same or an external system. Such an application is called Control or Remote-Software.

Usually a Control software is controlling a Ventuz Runtime which has no user interface. The Control software will act as the customized User Interface. OptiREMOTE acts exactly like the Ventuz Control Software.

Find the OptiREMOTE Manual here

If you want to try the tool, feel free to contact us and we will activate a online demo license for you.

Check out this Introduction video:

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